About Pride Vending Staff

We are a family & veteran owned and operated entertainment vending machine business!

Jeff Whiteley (Owner)

Raised in an arcade in Springfield in the 70s, where I started the amusement game fascination that has carried through my entire life. After spending four years in the Air Force moving bombs around, I came back home and started working with a local beverage distributor. This job brought me back on to the operating scene of jukeboxes, pool tables and amusement machines. This industry has flourished, and our team has been at the head of it through the whole adventure. We are now 3rd generation, and are family owned and operated. We take “Pride” in our work as veterans and treat our customers like they’re our family.

Gage Whiteley

After 8 Years of military service, I’ve hit the ground running in support of my father’s business. I’ve always been around the equipment since I was a kid, and it just feels like a natural thing for me. After working and crewing helicopters as a door gunner and mechanic, it’s been a big career swing. But as our family always does, I’m striving to be the best that I can for the company and be the generational bridge for the industry.

Lee Prantl

I am just a farm boy from Gervais. My lifelong dream was to be in business for myself. After owning a bar in the 70s and working a vending company out of Portland, I started Pride Vending in 1981. It has grown through the years from the golden age of videogames to the current platform of ATMS, digital jukeboxes and entertainment machines. Currently president of state association OAMOA (Oregon Amusement and Music Operators Association).